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Thursday, 15 June 2017 13:04


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It is not the same to do real justice as to implement judicial maneuvers to try to take out pressure and decimate the shocking popular and citizen mobilizations for the end of impunity.
Dominican Green March forced President Danilo Medina-PLD and his regime to accuse and apprehend a small part of those involved in Odebrecht's corruption. They owe it to the just claim of collection, which via the Green March, the Dominican people are facing the enormous and tragic moral, social and economic debt contracted by the nefarious traditional parties and business domes and military leaders involved in major state crimes.
What has been paid so far is a little and insecure, because the existence of such a perverted and manipulated judicial system does not guarantee that the few defendants - beyond the public shame and the preventive detention they suffer – to be exemplary and definitely condemned.
Former President Leonel Fernández-PLD controls many courts and President Danilo Medina aspires to control them all from his new majority in the Judiciary Council. Both exhibiting high responsibilities in the corruption enthroned and faced within the PLD.
The President controls the Prosecutor and the Public Prosecutor's Office, and through these instruments has initiated those "anticorruption" processes that do not include most of the bribes nor the fundamental and most transcendent of this enormous package: scam coal plants Punta Catalina, electoral financing or mega-bribes and overvaluation of contracts; Thus protecting more than $ 2 billion in theft and $ 500 million in electoral bribes.
These exclusions have determined that neither the President nor his palatial and congressional rings have been investigated and prosecuted in that case; which reveals as a political-judicial maneuver a partial penalty concentrated mainly on internal and external opponents and lobbyists involved in bribes.
While such rigid exclusions specialize armor in the protection of the corrupt power now administered by the ruling party, two of those implicated, Temístocle Montás (Minister) and Ángel Rondón (lobbyist), indicate that they could deploy their blackmail capacity, forcing the Government or to weaken the processes or to become even worse in the midst of shattering testimonies and deep tears.
Finally, while society must put pressure on these manipulated and manipulated processes, the main thing is the collection of crimes and delinquents of State not yet prosecuted and the rotten system that guarantees their impunity.
It is imperative, therefore, to demand to lower them of the power to lock them all, to seize the stolen and to refound the institutions, intensifying the mobilizations in all the country. Otherwise there will be no end to impunity.
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